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Giving Life to Blank Spaces

Opening Night Friday 22/11/2019, 6- 9 pm

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Mary Edquist

Main Gallery

Exhibition Title: Let There Be Light

I live in Harcourt Vic with my husband Jan Edquist on my old family property where I grew up.

We moved back to Harcourt ( full time ) 2 years ago after living in Melbourne area (Sassafras Dandenong Ranges ) for 40 years.

After I retired from my work as a lawyer in various Melbourne CBD law firms we decided to move back up to the Castlemaine/ Harcourt region. Our two daughters and their families live in Castlemaine.

Castlemaine is also a great area for many activities in the art communities.

I now have the time to get back into my painting and collage career and have been in some group arts activities events over the past year.

I was always interested in the arts, in particular painting and other visual arts but didn’t really get started until about 2004 ( aged 54 ). Since then I have worked rather compulsively and have created a large body of work. I have exhibited regularly since 2006 (although not much over the last 5 years until retirement due to business and family “workload”) and my works hang in a number of private collections and city office spaces.

My artistic drive is to try to resolve physical or visual experiences into a celebration of transformation. Many of my works are on large canvases and there are few “unused spaces “ in my works. I hope that the whole resonates to leave the viewer with a feeling of immediacy: that the picture has only just been finished.

My paintings explore themes based on landscape, movement, and space.

I work in a variety of mediums, in acrylic and watercolour, and also industrial and household paints and finishes which I use extensively. I have also produced a range of collages with paper, paint and on board.

I aim to give life to blank spaces and repeat and reinvent forms. and shapes. I love colour because when painting. I feel immersed in the world’s abundance, and can be bold and unashamed.

Because it took me so long to get back into painting it became a relief and an exhilarating release

I try to grasp the moment before it vanishes, and to find structure and clarity in the maelstrom of existence.

The contrasting styles in the wider world of painting and visual arts form a fruitful dynamic for my paintings which deal with natural forms (water. storms .forests desert and more) and the inner world of feeling, memory and curiosity.

The collages attempt to show some of nature’s underlying but fleeting symmetry.

Lisa Druitt

Gallery Hall

Exhibition Title: The 'Blooming' Start

I am a self-taught artist who grew up in a small country town in rural NSW spending nights sketching or sewing. I love to mix beautiful bright bold colours with soft feminine designs which have masculine structured lines.
I have been interested in learning in doing large scale floral paintings for some time so in 2018 I attended a 2 day workshop that taught me how to paint using acrylic paints. Since then I have also learnt to use oil paints as a medium.
This is why I have named my body of work, The ‘Blooming’ Start, as it is a pivotal time to be opening up and showing our true inner beauty.
The pieces I have chosen for this body of work are masculine in their structure while being soft, gentle and delicate to look at and natures beautiful play with colour shining through.
I believe that each piece is strong and well-grounded as if it knows its own true beauty and uniqueness resonating within me my journey over the past 12months.
The mediums I have chosen to use are acrylic paints and oils paints.
Instagram lisamdruitt

Douglas Stewart

Gallery Hall

Exhibition Title: Insomnia

Douglas Stewart was born and raised in Sydney (Australia). With art-loving parents, Douglas developed an interest and appreciation in art from a young age.

Douglas left school at sixteen to study Musical Composition, playing four different instruments. Whilst he didn’t move into a career in music, Douglas maintains this interest, continuing to write and play music, his preferred genres being blues and folk.

Originally unsure of what path to take, upon graduation from his Musical Composition studies, Douglas followed the family into the technology industry and for a few years worked for a global Telecommunications company. Whilst he felt the pull towards a more creative career, this role taught Douglas the structure and organisation he implements into his life and art today.

Douglas then moved to Hepburn Springs, via Melbourne, where he worked in some of the State’s most well known galleries. Whilst working as an Art Director & Curator, Douglas began focusing on his own creative skills and was soon sponsored by a number of businesses to produce art and run exhibitions for charities. This saw Douglas focus full me on his own art and the start of his art business known as ‘Stewart Spectrum’.

Douglas is a multi-discipline abstract artist with a strong focus on painting, sculptures and works on paper.He has an interest in multi-layered works and his style has been described as “ADHD meets abstract expressionism, with a spoonful of street art styling”. Douglas’ work can now be found in number of galleries around Hepburn Springs, Daylesford and Melbourne, with current plans for expansion to North America.

Whilst canvas is currently his most commonly used medium, feeling passionate about reducing landfill, he also transforms ‘trash’ into artworks, using discarded materials, tree trunks and old artworks. Douglas hopes to show that there is beauty in accidents and flaws.

Douglas Stewart pieces are often identifiable by the outlines, smudges, multi-layered scrapes, strong use of abstracted faces and form, with a key element of motivation being mood.

Series Profile: Insomnia

Created through a lack of sleep and a state of insomniac artistic trance, the series was a form of venting and expressing when Douglas could not sleep. The medium consists of charcoal and soft pastels.

A mixture of characters and landscape type themed works, each displaying the thoughts and ideas of what was keeping Douglas up that night. Spanning from the worst of his insomnia until the end of recovery, the works take a journey through a variety of composition and tones.

All works are carefully framed and a majority of the works can be either bought separately or created into sets to compliment their intended location.



Phone: +61 416 940 204
Instagram: Stewart.Spectrum

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