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  • Up and Coming Exhibition

    Upstairs 22 Gallery presents Open heART, Open MIND, in recognition of mental health awareness day (10 October 2019). This is an exhibition based on Georges Braque's quote, "Art is a wound turned into light."

    Douglas Stewart, Connie Burns, Carley Harris and Belinda J Nailon

    14/09/2019 - 11/10/2019

  • Veg - Charcoal on Artist Paper. 2019. $490

    Douglas Stewart

    Exhibition Title: Insomnia

    New body of works

    Framed works on paper


    Created through a lack of sleep and a state of insomniac artistic trance, the series was a form of venting and expressing when Douglas could not sleep. The medium consists of charcoal and soft pastels.

    A mixture of characters and landscape type themed works, each displaying the thoughts and ideas of what was keeping Douglas up that night. Spanning from the worst of his insomnia until the end of recovery, the works take a journey through a variety of composition and tones.

    All works are carefully framed and a majority of the works can be either bought separately or created into sets to compliment their intended location.


    Read more about Douglas by clicking on the below website link.


    Connie Burns

    Exhibition Title: Atrabilious: Depression of the Spirit

    20 mt Drawing Installation

    Charcoal on Paper


    Inspiration for this installation came from the drought, which has brought about the death of many of Australia's unique waterways and exquisite native trees. Depression of the Spirit relates not only to the withering spirit of the trees themselves but ourselves as residents living through the hardship incurred through the drought - living through the harsh reality of losing livestock, crops, or farms. We battle a depression within ourselves and our world, as we witness an environment in its death throes and our culture in decline.

    You can find out more about Connie's work by clicking on the below link.

    Carley Harris

    Exhibition Title: Blood and Bones

    New body of works


    Carley Harris is inspired by curiosities, anomalies and anatomy, using her fascination and the skulls and bones found on her travels, Harris creates strange but familiar imagery with a dark aesthetic. 


    Blood and Bones, is a collection of works inspired by her fascination with medical imagery and curiosities, it is also a look inside the artists mind. "My mind is often cluttered and chaotic, I don’t always have a meaning or reason behind my work, I make these gritty and grungy works because I enjoy the aesthetic they give. But as I look deeper into my work I feel it is a form of cleansing, getting out the grit that’s builds up in the mind and turning it into art."


    Follow Carley's work and her story by clicking on the below link.

    Belinda J Nailon

    Exhibition Title: Mind Grenade


    Raku firing


    I initially began these works with the intention of exploring 2nd generation PTSD. My dad is a Vietnam war veteran and has suffered from PTSD his whole adult life. "Triggers" and psychological trauma filter down to the next generation, but instead of observing Dad's story, I decided to study my own personal (some inherited) 'mind grenades'.


    In this collection, the grenades symbolise potential chaos. But if you get to them before the trigger is released, before they cause destruction, it is possible to transmute the fragile collection of pain and hurt into objects of abstract beauty (handle with care). The pieces are reminders of not to turn back and to seek a wider understanding of who I am. I find growth doesn't come from reliving my past, but by observing 'who' is perceiving the moment and allowing a broader level of consciousness to converge into my existence.

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    In the heart of Castlemaine, you’ll find Upstairs 22 Gallery - a contemporary art gallery situated in a historical building.


    We are an open, approachable and friendly team who are excited about showcasing a diverse range of emerging and established artists in this fantastic space.


    Our vision is to create a fun, supportive space for artists to thrive and visitors to be engaged!


    See our services for more information.


  • Meet the Team

    One of the team below will be around to ask questions / take sales over weekends, any other time please make an appointment.

    Sorrel Bifield

    Programs director

    Start here! Contact Sorrel to discuss ideas, look at spaces and any other query regarding the gallery spaces.

    ph: 0456 462 710

    Sherree Gallagher

    Communications Director

    Sherree deals with all the details and follow ups. She gathers all the necessary information about the artist, art & anything else we need to know to make a great show.

    ph: 0428 323 198

    Belinda Nailon

    Promotions Director

    Belinda is behind the website, social media and any other promo material.

    ph: 0400 171 369

  • Artist Testimonial

    "Working alongside the team at Upstairs 22 Gallery was an absolute delight from the very beginning. Belinda, Sherree and Michael were professional and easy to work alongside and the resulting show was a success beyond my expectations." Justine Hutchison

    Artist Testimonial

    "I was very well looked after throughout the entire exhibition. I didn't need to concern myself with anything else apart from creating and providing the gallery and the team with artworks to be exhibited. The space was affordable, and I love the energy that follows through. It has been one of my most pleasant exhibiting experience working with the team."



    Artist Testimonial

    "The team at Upstairs22gallery were amazing. As an emerging artist with very little experience displaying my paintings in galleries they made me feel confident & a bit special. They were very easy to talk to & I trusted them to display my work on their walls & I have to say they looked amazing under the lights & I think helped sell a few too. A great experience overall & I hope one day to show case more paintings there in the future."

    Yvette Thomas

    Artist Testimonial

    "Upstairs 22 are friendly and enthusiastic in their approach whilst being professional and supportive in a space that offers many different possibilities."

    David Waters

  • Our gallery team organise everything for a successful 4 week exhibition.


    Our exhibitions are hire based + 25% commission on sales. Our services are very convenient and an exciting opportunity, providing new possibilities for artists who are looking to broaden their artistic career and exhibition background.


    Total cost of service depends on exhibition space hired and ranges from $200 - $1000 per exhibition.


    We are open to group exhibitions, guest curation and other ideas.


    Contact: Sorrel Bifield on 0456 462 710


    Exhibition service includes:

    Opening reception

    Complementary drinks and nibbles

    Help with installation and setup

    Help with installation and setup


    Artists strong presence on website and social media sites

    Email invitation to our mailing list


    Invigilation / Sales / labels

    Gallery is staffed by our dedicated team. We print the labels and deal with sales



  • Gallery Spaces

    Main Gallery


    05/07/2019 - 02/08/2019: Booked

    09/08/2019 - 06/09/2019: Booked

    14/09/2019 - 11/10/2019: Available (Open heArt, Open Mind)

    18/10/2019 - 15/11/2019: Under Application

    22/11/2019 - 13/12/2019: Booked



    The Gallery Bar


    05/07/2019 - 02/08/2019: Booked

    09/08/2019 - 06/09/2019: Booked

    14/09/2019 - 11/10/2019: Available (Open heArt, Open Mind)

    18/10/2019 - 15/11/2019: Booked

    22/11/2019 - 13/12/2019: Under Application

    The Gallery Hall


    05/07/2019 - 02/08/2019: Booked

    09/08/2019 - 06/09/2019: Booked

    14/09/2019 - 11/10/2019: Booked (Open heArt, Open Mind)

    18/10/2019 - 15/11/2019: Booked

    22/11/2019 - 13/12/2019: Available

    The Gallery Staircase


    05/07/2019 - 02/08/2019: Booked

    09/08/2019 - 06/09/2019: Booked

    14/09/2019 - 11/10/2019: Booked (Open heArt, Open Mind)

    18/10/2019 - 15/11/2019: Available

    22/11/2019 - 13/12/2019: Available

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    Apply for exhibition

    Check availability.

    Once approved, book and confirm exhibition with payment


    Drop off your work

    Deliver work to our address on specified dates



    Our gallery team installs / or helps with installation  



    We promote your gallery show through our website and mailing list



    We organise and staff private view



    We handle sales

    and delivery of work to buyers


    25% commission

    (card transactions fees absorbed by gallery)


    Return of art work

    You pick up and organise return of work

  • How to Apply

    Application Process

    Email 5-10 images of work, bio and exhibition history to upstairs22gallery@gmail.com


    Terms and conditions

    • While the greatest care is taken to ensure artwork safety, Upstairs 22 Gallery takes no responsibility for damages/theft that may occur to artwork.
    • Artists should insure their own work 
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